Where does our oxygen come from?

If you would ask most people this question above, they would most probably answer the trees, the rainforest.

Some people estimate that trees in a tropical forest produce 40% of the oxygen. The truth is, trees are not responsible for the majority of the air that human’s breath. It is a fact that the bigger the tree the more oxygen it can produce, therefore smaller trees contribute to less of our oxygen. So where does the majority our oxygen come from?

According to http://www.wtamu.edu in a post published on 01/05/2013 it clearly explains that the atmospheric oxygen that we depend on as humans comes predominantly from the oceans. Now let that sink in and think, what about all the oil spills? How does that affect the quality of the air you and your loved ones breath? I hope that those that litter and poison our oceans think about it before they dump toxic waste and garbage into the very source that supplies our oxygen! But do they? Of course they don’t. Not as long as they can make money. How are we responsible? By not holding them accountable! The person that facilitates the crime is as guilty as the one that commits it. So, considering how polluted our oceans are, think…what is truly the quality of our air? Is it in our power to fix it? If the elected officials weren’t so greedy and power hungry, yes. This is something that can be fixed but it takes everyone’s cooperation. Do you know someone that is in a position to make a difference? Maybe that’s your way of making a difference! But if not, education is key. Everyone needs to know the severity of this problem which in fact involves us all. Global warming is real, the oil spills not only affect the quality of oxygen but kills off marine life which is slowly killing our oceans. We cannot say it’s happening in only one part of the world because this is a worldwide problem that has been caused by no other than us! Have you seen the Pacific garbage patch? If you haven’t look it up, you’ll be shocked! If you have seen it, then you know we have a bigger problem that is led on to believe. Is it wise to leave it up to the elected officials? No! We need to stand up and take this into our own hands. Resolve in our hearts to defend our right to live in a healthy world because honestly what have they shown us until now? Are we better for it? So lets get down to the nitty gritty lol.

Plastic- Disintegrates into very small particles that cannot be seen but never disintegrates totally. Some plastics decompose within a year of entering the water but by then it has done major damage. While decomposing plastic releases potentially toxic chemicals. (Bisphenol A, PCB’s). According to mahb. stanford.edu explains that plastics due to their chemical stability, don’t disappear even when they disintegrate into tiny bits. In time, the amount of plastic accumulates so that were faced with a plastic crisis. The world is producing 300 million tons of plastic a year! When the marine life comes into contact with these small plastic particles, it is inevitable that they consume some of it and with time that accumulates too. This puts us at risk if we consume fish that has eaten plastic particles, this is another disaster, besides killing the very source that provides us our oxygen. According to marineinsight.com plastic waste disrupts the entire bio-geo cycle causing unwanted problems to the whole marine eco-system.

According to National Geographic about 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere comes from marine plants and plant like organisms. So, if were killing those off, what is happening to our air supply? It doesn’t help that there is also pollution to deal with. The dominance of ocean life as Earths top oxygen producer makes sense when you consider that the majority of the earth is covered with ocean. That presents another dilemma, all the oceans are connected and if everyone separately is abusing the oceans to their benefit, the time will come when we will all perish. Sad thing is that most of the people responsible for doing nothing (and are in a position to do something!) will never see this disaster, but what about the ones that come after us? Are we not responsible in leaving them a healthy world, just like we got it? It’s who’s fault that we fucked everything up? OURS!! So we gotta fix it. Looking for another planet? Oh my Jesus! Why the hell can’t you fix the one you are already on? Makes no sense! Unless there is something they are not telling us, and that wouldn’t be anything new.

There are many types of marine life that produce oxygen. The dominant class is phytoplankton. They are microscopic organisms. (Imagine how they are being affected by all the pollution and oil spills plus many other reasons…) They can be seen when they clump together, they look like green ocean slime. Therefore, the oxygen we depend on to live is provided mostly by a big army of invisible sea creatures. These phytoplankton can be found in salt and fresh bodies of water. How are you contributing to the healing of our Earth? According to divescotty.com phytoplankton are self -feeding organisms that survive by absorbing sunlight and nutrients in the water. Scientists estimate that they produce an astonishing 50% to 85% of Earths oxygen! National Geographic confirms that they have calculated that 70% of the Earth’s oxygen is produced by phytoplankton.

We do not diminish the importance of trees. The amazon rainforest is said to produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen. Our world is amazing! Did you know? There’s a tree that gives oxygen 24/7? The ‘Ficus religiosa’. There are fast growing trees among the ones that produce the most oxygen is ash, poplar, willow, neem, peepal, and areca palm.

So, to wrap it up let’s ask the last question for consideration. If a tree can release 100 to 500 lbs. of oxygen in the air per year and they only account for a small percentage of the oxygen production. Imagine how much phytoplankton produce to be able to provide us with 70% of our oxygen. Is it in our best interest to participate in the cleaning up process of a mess of our own making? For life to continue on Earth this would be recommended.

Bottom line is, we depend on our oceans for our oxygen, it is not the trees that supply the most oxygen. But we have depleted our oceans and our trees!! It’s time to put our big boy, or big girl pants ON and do our part. How? Be careful which chemicals (cleaning the house chemicals, washing the clothes chemicals, got it, right? lol) you use, make sure they are safe for the environment. Not littering our oceans, if we can plant trees, recycle, support only those that believe in saving our planet. What makes you think you’re going to manage a strange planet better, if you couldn’t save the ONE you’re on?

Which side are you on? Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

For-warned is to be for-armed…

Hi Guys! Hope you all find yourselves well. I did a collective reading for the 25th of this month when the moon will be in Last Quarter Scorpio. I wasn’t planning to post it but found it a bit ominous therefore decided to post in case it can help someone navigate choppy waters.

The moon phase is about some of us having mixed feelings at this time. As if the pot has been stirred, we are feeling the effects of the moon along with our own issues. Scorpio is a very profound sign and dives deep into the psyche as well. Where we might have felt stable, we are feeling unstable. When before we were sure of something. now were not sure. Emotions are very mixed at this time. What this is telling us that we need to get clear on a certain situation before we can move on. It might be necessary for you to have to be persuasive in a situation. (This means with great tact, flexibility, and grace.)

Now the three cards that appeared as speakers of this reading are:

Last quarter waning air moon-challenge. You have reached a critical phase. Some of you with all the time we have been given (pandemic) have been able to research and read , through self-reflection…and come to the conclusion that we can no longer live in the past and must adapt accordingly to the times. You are faced with the challenge of setting up new ideas or concepts to replace the old established ones or might know someone who is. For ex. An elderly person is suddenly faced with the fact that no matter how much knowledge they possess if they don’t know technology and getting themselves be seen that all that knowledge is not recognized. Ways of thinking are changing. The old phrase, “no pain, no gain, is being replaced with, “what you focus on is what you attract.” There are many concepts that are there for debate. For ex. for how long have we been told aliens done exist and now the government admits they exist? Another words our minds are expanding and we are shifting into a higher consciousness. We need to update our database in order to be there shifting with the times. Of course, until this is integrated in our database we will continue to update.

What caught my attention was the second card which is #12- The Fall. Sometimes we get distracted so if some of you have noticed a change its time to analyze the situation before we make a big mistake. This card shows someone about to fall in the water because they are looking the other way. There are 2 people in the background trying to get their attention, but they are too distracted. Does this resonate with you? This card talks about the person feeling a conflict between their desire to do something reckless and the need for caution. Be very careful because this card speaks about making a bad decision and is suggesting there could be time to rectify it. So if you made a decision and experienced doubts before or after or acted impulsively you may have to go back to the drawing board. This is definitely the time to revisit, reassess, and do what is necessary to avoid any mistake/s. It could very well be that you have been considering doing something, that no matter what your friends/loved ones say, you feel you are right (Or maybe you want something really bad and willing to take the consequences. In this case though, it is not advised!) Sometimes just staying in the present is all that is needed in order to avoid distractions. Assess your situation for any distractions.

The Goddess that came as guardian of this reading is Kali and she says: This is a time when things don’t come easy. The only way you will get what you want is to take it by force. (That has its consequences too). The only way is to pursue a policy of no mercy. There is one stipulation, if you gloat over the defeat of your opponent then something you value will be lost. Whatever this situation is, and it is different for all of you, it is one you will not come out unscathed. So think this through thoroughly….Kali is the most drastic of the Black Goddesses. With this Goddess December will be an auspicious month for your question.

On a New Moon…..

Ok so how many of you given the chance to manifest what you want, would jump? at the idea! There are many rituals we could do and there are many ways to communicate with our subconscious. I like the simple things, there’s no need to complicate things. In Moonology book there’s a suggestion to try. Are you up for it?

If you really want something bad, do this. Commit to doing at least 68 seconds of full- on visualization and feeling of having it every day, or twice a day and you will start to create it. A really effective way to do this is to write affirmation lines over and over (dozens of times) like when we were kids and were punished. lol (well for some of you anyway). It is important you try this on the new moon. Writing it down makes it easier to stay really focused for that all important 68 seconds.

If you need help in coming up with your customized affirmations please don’t hesitate to reach out. As always, at your service.

“We are all connected”, WHY aren’t we acting like it?

“We are all connected”, is a phrase that we are progressively hearing more and more of. “Yet are we really acting like we believe it?”

Humanity has been influenced to believe that we are separate from each other. After all, the process since the beginning of time has been ‘divide and conquer’. If humanity is kept separated then we are not as strong as we could be when we stand together. If in addition to that, riffs are caused between us (with whatever they could find: racism, cultural, personal) that makes us lose credibility between each other which is what causes separation. This is a separation that the people in power have worked very hard to maintain in order to hold on to their power. What is the reason this is being done? It is the most effective way to control the masses! If the masses unite then ‘their’ power diminishes and that strong hold they so have enjoyed is in jeopardy. Another words, their power would be threatened.

My question is, who gave the people that are in power today their power? The very people that they are preventing from uniting? Realize how important it is to exercise our voting rights. It is the only way we can say, this is what I want. It is the only way to change corrupt leaders and replace them with people that are compassionate and believe and live in integrity.

Have you analyzed how many truths have been hidden from us? So many things have been revealed that there is enough to rewrite history books. Those very people that say they protect us that what they do is in our best interest are lying. And no one is calling their bluff!! The strategy is the following: mind games (say one thing when it’s another yeah keep them confused, guessing), keep you down by the most pleasurable way possible (shiny objects) as to enslave you and especially with something you love. There is a bombardment of commercials of cars, houses, jewelry saying, “you deserve it”, making it as enticing as possible. People actually fall for that. What happens is they are continuously struggling to keep everything ‘they deserve’ and don’t have time for anything else. So when there’s a significant life changing vote for ex. they have no time to check out who is running, who the person is, what they represent, their values and their actions. Too busy delivering on the ‘I deserve.’ Bottom line this is supremely important because these are the people that make the laws that we have to live with. This has to do with the quality of our existence…

Prioritizing time and Education is key. A spotlight needs to be put on the TRUTH.

We need to analyze our circumstances and understand that we are in a spiritual revolution where opposing forces are working to disarm us and take our freedom away, but it is operating in a material world at the same time. We need to stand together, fight together, and triumph together!

If we consciously established our connection with each other, on a more personal level, and join forces to make the necessary changes, there would be no stopping us!!

(If you have read to the end thank you. Just wanted to say that if you resonate with anything mentioned here, I urge you to share this information. Let’s reach out to each other and change the world! We have the power! Let’s use it!!)

Who are you when no one is looking?

The person that you truly are when no one is looking is who you really are.

Are you an open book? Do you reveal your true self and let your authenticity shine? Or do you have a mask you wear and take off every night?

Are you really as compassionate as you want others to think? Or do you just do things to look good and be admired for being compassionate when your heart is not really in it?

Do you desire helping people or do you do it only because everyone thinks it’s the right thing to do? Or because your neighbor does it and you don’t want to look bad with your neighbor?

Do you look just and righteous and when no one is looking, and given the opportunity, you steal something you know you won’t get caught for?

Is having an affair ok as long as the other person doesn’t find out?

Are you smiling on the outside and planning a complete different strategy on the inside?

Who do you want to be? That is about the only thing that is in our control.

Choose wisely.

Thank you for your support!

I just want to say a few words to the people here that support me. I want you to know your support is very appreciated and not over-looked. I write from my heart and to be honest there are many subjects I’d like to write about but I don’t know how that would go lol But from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I hope that something stays with you and that it lights a spark within. I am here if you have questions or just want to talk.

Black Moon in Sagittarius with a total Lunar Eclipse 12/4/2021

Hello guys! Hope you’re doing great! Even though some of us are doing better at this time there might be remnants of all we’ve endured with dirty politics and the pandemic. Since I explained in the previous post that I consider the tarot and oracle cards as my spiritual GPS, I decided to ask Divine Source for guidance at this time and to reveal what is important for us to know as a collective. (For those of you that resonate with these readings, you may request a private reading which of course will be geared to only you.) Guys! as a guidance system here is what Divine Source has to say. I used the Moon Oracle. This is a deck I can use the current or any other moon phase to inquire about a specific date. This reading is for the 4th of December. I thought it would be beneficial to see what Higher Source has to say with this New Moon and total Lunar eclipse. This New Moon is in Sagittarius which is a fire sign. The 4th would be a good day to rest, recharge and start visualizing what it is you desire to bring forth, or for some just getting crystal clear on what it is you really want. On Dec. 5th you can start to visualize in the most detail possible what you want and how it would feel to get it. As many times as you can visualize and the more emotion you put into it, the faster you will bring it to fruition.

This deck (The Moon Oracle ) has a goddess assigned to each month. The goddesses are the guardian of the reading and each one has her different approach to handling the issue being revealed. For this reading the goddess that came as guardian is Demeter. Demeter’s advise to this reading is: There has been loss of something dear to you (how appropriate). She says that what has been lost will be returned but not in the way you are expecting. Caution is advised because there could be trickery involved and if we don’t catch it we might have to accept a compromise. Someone will try to take advantage of your vulnerability, so be careful. The goddesses advise is to make sure the requirements of everybody are met and the rest will fall into place. With this goddess September is a significant month.

Guys so as I go each of you will know if this reading is for you. It you resonate with this please reach out and give me your feedback. I would greatly appreciate your support. Please know that Life Coaching is available but with a complete holistic approach unless you request conventional life coaching. Be aware the energies in this reading are interchangeable meaning they could be reversed and are not gender specific since we all have masculine and feminine energies.

The Universe is talking to a specific group here. You were doing very well and emotionally was feeling good and stable in your relationship. (In the distant past.) Things were going very well, but there was a decision that you were thinking was going to be a brand new start but instead caused a disagreement that led to a downfall. The card that came out in the recent past are THE FALL and DUEL. The fall card speaks about being torn between wanting to be reckless but needing to be cautious. Some of you made an impulsive decision and may be having second thoughts about an idea and you may feel the need to start over. Decision you made wasn’t for your best interest and there might be time to rectify the mistake. The card that clarifies the Fall is DUEL which is basically a fight you can’t win. There is healthy aggression and a desire to win at all costs but there are only 2 possibilities which are: yield or prepare to get hurt in the fight. (In the card Each of you take it as it resonates with you because everyone’s situation is different.) This could be a relationship, a friendship, a business partnership, different for everyone yet it applies to everyone. In the card we see two well matched wrestlers. Neither one able to take advantage of the other. Neither will submit to the other. One figure is the Sun representing the father and the other figure is Mars representing the son. Both believe they are right. Can you resonate with this or part of this? Of course, The Sun wins and the son learns a lesson.

In your crowning position which is really what you consciously think about we have the DOOR. This card says that you have been thinking and it is possible that a new brilliant concept that not only surprises everyone but you too will shake you out of your old familiar ways of thinking. There is a plant on the card symbolizing time living in the same way for too long. It’s time to make a decision either you continue playing it safe and continue in your established routines OR try something new which seems to have enormous potential but nothing is guaranteed. You need to accept the opportunity to see where it leads (walk up the steps that leads to a mansion), that is the only way. Trust is involved and the only way to combat stagnation is stepping thru that door to the unknown. The card clarifying it is THE MASK. There is something you don’t know. There will be adverse, unusual or unexpected talk. Either you have lied or someone is lying to you. This card says, the mask will fall. (Which side are you on?) Someone is keeping up illusions that is concealing something altogether different. This is in your consciousness position so many if not all are aware of this.

In the immediate future many of you will be starting something new but need to be careful. You may be feeling hot-blooded and impulsive. It has a can’t wait energy that urges rash and exciting action. (We have been in quarantine and isolated due to covid-19). Creative initiatives will be set in motion with optimism and enthusiasm. Inspiration is at an all- time high but be careful not to act impulsively and rash. The clarifying card is PRISONER. You are prisoner of your own making. You are feeling the victim but this is more imagined than real. This was caused either by you or is the result of a betrayal. This card is here to tell you that even though you feel there’s no way out, you can escape anytime. There’s nothing to detain you. Maybe you are over analyzing things, rehashing everything in your mind to find a solution, over worrying.

In the position of self in the spread, the cards are talking about this group but on a more personal level. The first card is SACRIFICE. And yes many of you have sacrificed a lot, I dare say we all have sacrificed something. This card though is talking about being selfless. You have an intense and extreme devotion to something in your care. The woman in the card is nude showing honesty and showing she has lost everything. The flower is all she has left and it represents love. This card speaks about someone who is willing to lose everything for a particular cause or another person. Integrity to you is supremely important and you will not change your mind when it comes to remaining integral. The clarifying card for sacrifice is THE WHEEL (which is a significantly powerful energy) This card has to do with networking (take it as it resonates with you). It implies you have what it takes to do good networking and the connections to work with others. It is important to move within the right social circles to make contacts. This is about who you know and how much they like you. (Maybe you have had to make adjustments when it comes to contacts.. due to covid we have pretty much distanced ourselves and so maybe many were not so computer savvy and have had to make adjustments, even take classes, to network online and continue doing business online.) This is about communication, reaching out and connecting to others to keep the wheels of a particular enterprise going.

(Imagine if this reading was just for you, there would be so much more you would know.)

In the environmental section its saying that many of you have a strong urge to push forward and turn things to your advantage. There is a strong desire to win, to succeed and you have the determination to see it through. You are ready to match your opponent’s competition. The Universe is assisting you. But there might be a need for adaptation of some kind, in the mental sphere.

This group is sensitive and some could even be empaths. If any don’t know what that is please let me know. I am specializing in coaching for empaths because I am an empath and it has taken me many years (on my own) to harness that energy in a positive, constructive way. Many of you have great compassion and do assist those that are less fortunate, or in trouble. Many of you (and this is part of being an empath) have the ability to sense the needs of those around you. You are able to sympathize easily with situations and feelings of others so that you can actively help them. There is great emotional depth. This is one of the moon mansions that shows compassion and positive assistance to those in need. It is my empath card and most likely many of you are empaths. If you are, if you’re not sure, please reach out. I’m looking for my tribe! Maybe you can use this gift for financial gain because the card MUSICIAN that clarifies it talks about an opportunity that is there for the taking. This opportunity will give you the option of inspiring others. You have expansion of creativity and ease of expression. You will express yourself so naturally that it can be compared to the playing of an instrument of a practiced musician. Listen, bottom line is you have everything you need to deal with your issue with ease.

In the possible outcome spread position we have Balsamic waning fire moon. Even though a compromise might be needed, many of you sense that something outside yourself is taking place. You feel like you should store for the future because something is taking place outside of your own self- interest and you are not sure what it is. Many of you have been waiting for your break, your time in the sun, and it’s here. You are being cautious. The reading ends with many of you (at different times depending on your situation) receiving material gain for your efforts of the past with stability. So now the results of your hard work is visible and others appreciate your business acumen. This is an outcome that is financially beneficial. The last card is in Earth element so the financial increase will bring stability. Consider carefully what you are going to do with it. It is your responsibility to distribute these funds in a manner that assures your future security.

You don’t have to do it alone..

If we asked many people what they TRULY wanted out of life most would say they knew what they wanted. If we went a step further and asked them well then, ” What is it that you TRULY want out of life?” There would usually be a pause. Believe it or not there are many people that don’t know what they want because they’ve never actually thought about it. Caught up in work, the family, and the little time for recreation its no wonder any of us don’t ask ourselves the right questions. There are some people that have an idea of what they want but they haven’t worked out the details, they are not focused enough, not detailed oriented enough. That is why Life Coaching is so important. (As an example) A Life coach will ask you questions you wouldn’t normally ask yourself. Life Coaching offers you a support system where progress is rewarded and challenges are addressed, on a professional level. A Life Coach is someone who also holds you accountable to your success. Sometimes we feel weak and its good to have someone that understands us guiding us through and not letting us give up or even stagnate.

We are living in a constantly changing world and there’s chaos in the air. We need enough awareness so that we realize that we need to take time to care for ourselves too. We can only give as much as we have. So in order to give we need to have.

How are you nourishing yourself, body and soul?

Who is asking you the important questions you should be asking yourself?

Is there someone supporting you on your journey right now?

You don’t have to do it alone…

Holistic Life Coaching

First let me say hello and let you know how happy I am that you are here. 🙂

I was thinking (you know that’s always dangerous lol) of doing coaching using the oracle and tarot cards as guides. I mean what/who is your spiritual GPS? I mean something/someone that when you have doubts or want an immediate answer you can refer to. If we are all in the same boat sort of speaking, doesn’t it make it sense to look for guidance to a higher power? In moments of frustration, grief, or doubt are you able to access that guide, that higher power and get an answer? Well how cool would it be if we could access our higher power and mix it with life coaching to transform lives from ordinary to extraordinary!

I speak Spanish so if you know anyone that would be interested in life coaching or interested in learning to use other types of tools for self empowerment please refer them here, it would greatly be appreciated. It is a privilege to serve all of you.

The moon phases will be taken into consideration too. When the moon is waning we will concentrate on getting rid of anything that no longer serves our highest good. When the moon is waxing we will concentrate on the things we want to manifest so that in the next full moon it can come to fruition. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it takes longer, the results depend on the person and the effort put forth.

Life coaching is beneficial because it helps you get more intimate with yourself. The questions you would ask yourself are not the same a life coach would ask. It’s a matter of accountability. Someone outside yourself is helping you explore deeper areas of the psyche in which there could be suppressed emotions.

Bottom line is we are all students of life, coaches learn every day too. Just because they’re coaches doesn’t mean they stop growing or have learned everything they were going to learn. Life is about learning, about change, and about being as resilient as water during moments of transition and growth.

So if you feel there’s more to life then what you are experiencing now, if you’re feeling like you want something but it is out of your reach, if you’re feeling bored, stuck, and indifferent with life in general. If you feel like you want or need something but you don’t know what it is, or you know someone that feels this way please let them know there is help and they don’t have to do it alone.

New Moon coming up- New start 11/05

New moons are about fresh starts or perfecting something we’ve been working on that is very important to us in order to bring it to fruition on the full moon.. This particular new moon is in Capricorn. This moon is about the Career zone. Moonology explains that this has all to do with work financial issues, reputation, status, material possessions. Although we would not admit to it, these things are very important to many and therefore it would be beneficial to take advantage of this time in order to materialize what we spend our lives working for. Because all these things are beneficial to our family members as well, it is a good time to pay attention to our finances. The number 5 is the number of change therefore if change is what you want make sure you decipher all the details before you ask the universe anything. (in reference to what it is you really desire).

So who doesn’t want to get ahead professionally? We don’t spend years studying just for the fun of it…This is a good time to visualize what we want in detail with emotions. This would be the perfect way to tell the universe how you want to leave your mark on the world or maybe something you want to be known for.. This moon phase favors starting a new business and it is a time when our past efforts can pay off…(this would be different to many of course, due to so many life variables). It is advisable though to make a life assessment in the days leading up to the new moon. Meaning what is it your are working toward? Are you headed in the right direction to achieve your aims, ambitions, or goals? If not what can you do about it? Meditation would surely help.

Especially for those of you that are in the process of changing careers, it is good for you to be crystal clear on what it is you want. It could be helpful to write out your ideal job description and read it often for this month.

Affirmations are good to use in this phase too. If you have your own then us that. If you don’t have any affirmations you could try, “It feels great to be successful!” or ” I love when my plans work out!”. Repeat daily, as often as you remember.

For those of you who like and work with or would like to work with essential oils then one that is good to use during this cycle is laurel. It helps with focus, concentration, and boosts confidence.

If you find it hard to meditate because your mind keeps wandering then keep it busy by repeating a mantra which is Ram this month. So whenever you remember chant to yourself, Ram.

Good time to strengthen our chakras especially our solar plexus which is our power center.

The guiding angel is Archangel Azrael which is also called the angel of death or the grim reaper. This Archangel gently heals grief stricken hearts. You can ask this Archangel to heal your hurts. He doesn’t only work with souls that are crossing over but also helps humanity in the Earth plane.

This is a time where we can change all that needs changing and bring forth what we truly need and desire. But for this we need to be very clear on what it is we really want and why. How clear are you?